The primary vision of PortsideCafé is to add zest to your home with the inclusion of stand-alone pieces.

PortsideCafé is a furniture store that aims to make a statement with it’s individual pieces, rather than taking over an entire space with one style.

Each of its handcrafted and handfinished pieces are a testament to PortsideCafé founder and designer Bobby Aggarwal’s idea of exquisite craftsmanship melded with novel design. The handstained leather, metal finishing, unique stitching and vibrant colours all come together to evoke an elegant & luxurious, yet strangely easygoing sense of boheme aesthetic.

The collections are inspired by everything from Clint Eastwood’s classic westerns, Agatha Christie’s mysterious characters and their luggage; to the pulsating sound of indian streets and iconic buildings.


Bobby Aggarwal quit a career in advertising, manufacturing and designing footwear and organising rock concerts in his younger days to crafting bigger, more exciting things – furniture. He named the brand after the port town of Mumbai, where he first worked with leather and combined it with the unfulfilled dream of owning his own café.

Bobby’s love for leather and all it’s natural marks and blemishes add individual character to each piece of furniture he makes. He prides himself on achieving that weathered, “brought down from the attic” look that he has so distinctly managed to encapsulate in all his pieces. The most distinct feature about Bobby’s design is that although “inspired, it can never be categorised as belonging to a certain style or period.” His sensibility shines through everything he designs, making almost everyone that walks into his shop smile.


Leather to me is an amazing raw material. I love working with the marks and blemishes that add to the individual character of each piece I make.

Due to the ongoing situation we are happy to announce a partial opening of our store in Ladosarai, New Delhi by appointment only. This is because we value the safety of our people and you, our esteemed customers, top most in our mind.

For Appointment,  Please call  - 
Mr. Divya Atal - 9899774145


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